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Nikon D7100 Underwater Camera Housings

Nexus D7200 and D7100 Housing Bodies

Nexus D7200 Housing
(shown with optional
MP-50C-6 port)

The new Nexus D7200 and D7100 housings for the Nikon D7200 and D7100 series of Digital SLRs is now available.


The Nexus D7200 and D7100 housing bodies use M6 size ports

This light and compact D7200 and D7100 underwater camera housings are made from marine grade aluminum alloy.

Dimensions are 317mm x 175mm x 138mm (W/H/D). Weight is 2122 Grams. in air. The housing is rated to 246 ft/ 75 m.

The D7200 and D7100 Housing bodies are identical except for Markings


Nexus D7200 and D7100 Housing Features

D7200 Housing

Image shown is D7200 housing with optional MP-60-6 Macro Port

and Nikonos Type Electrical Connectors only. Optical Connectors can be added later

at additional cost.

The Nexus D7200 and D7100 housing bodies are equipped with:

Push Buttons or levers to access functions on the D7200 and D7100 cameras:

New for D7200 and D7100 housings - Discrete Live View button on housing back to start up Live View on back panel of the camera body.

To start video recording, push the center button of the Multi-Control, and to stop video recording push the center button of the Multi Control again.

  1. Four corner Multi Selector control
  2. AF Area Mode Selector
  3. Monitor button for image review
  4. Menu button
  5. Thumbnail button
  6. Protect button (Key Icon button on camera)
  7. Enter button
  8. Focus Area Lock Switch
  9. Format/Delete button
  10. Shutter Release and AF Hold lever
  11. Mode Dial
  12. Metering Mode
  13. Exposure Compensation/Flash Mode button
  14. AE/AF Lock ISO, Qual, WB buttons on base of camera body
  15. Main Command knob
  16. Sub Command knob

D7200 Housing Rear

Image shown is D7200 housing

Other features include:

  1. On/Off Button
  2. Aperture Knob (apertures are selected inside the camera body with this knob)
  3. Focus/Zoom knob with lockout for Autofocus when using a manual focus gear on the lens
  4. Twin TTL Strobe Sockets or two Optical Bulkheads or both are available at buyer's choice.
  5. Optical pick-up finder to allow full corner to corner view of the camera's viewfinder
    image and data or the Multi-finder which also allows magnification of the central portion of the viewfinder image
  6. Two External Accessory Ports
The Nexus D7200 and D7100 housing bodies come with:
  1. Attached Handles
  2. Wrench Set
  3. Hot shoe TTL cable
  4. O-ring Grease
  5. Spare Body O-ring
  6. Operator's Manual
  7. Warranty

Nexus D7200 and D7100 housing body prices -

D7100 Housing Body can be ordered in different configurations. - Prices are for Spring 2015

Type O (two Optical bulkheads only) and Normal Viewfinder - $2626.00

(Optical bulkheads can be added later at extra cost if desired)

Type O with Multi Finder viewfinder- $2872.00

Type E (two Nikonos-type 5 Pin bulkheads only) and normal Viewfinder - $2683.00

Type E with Multi-finder viewfinder - $2935.00

Type O and E with Normal viewfinder - $2923.00

Type O and E with Multi Finder viewfinder - $3170.00


New Inon Rotateable Optical 45° or Straight Viewfinders are available as a retrofit for the D7200 or D7100 housing body - Now User Installable - $855.00ea

Contact Nexus America for additional information or to purchase a Nexus D7200 or D7100 Housing from this site.

Visit the MultiPort Page for descriptions and photos of the Nexus Multi Ports.