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44 LED Dive Light with Emergency Flasher Function

Specifications: This 44 LED dive light has a wide, even beam which makes it ideal for using as a focus light and includes an emergency flasher function

PRICE: $54.95
  Fantasea Light

This 44 LED dive light is an excellent focus light since it throws a wide, even, and white beam of light. It is not so bright that it scares creatures but bright enough to use even for manual focus. It has a tab with a hole and a mounting bolt and wing nut for mounting directly to a Nexus Port Ring's vertical stay. It can also be attached to an Ultra Light Sea and Sea strobe adapter and used with a triple clamp if not used with a Nexus Port Ring. It also comes with a wrist lanyard. It takes five AA batteries, rechargable or alkaline, and has an On-Off switch. LED lights have very long battery life compared to incandescent bulbs so one set of batteries can be used for multiple night dives.

It also includes an emergency flasher function as an added safety measure for the diver/photographer.



Multi Ports for Nexus housings

Product: Multi Port for N90 Master or F4 Pro

Specifications: The Multi Port allows changing from Auto Focus to Manual focus underwater and can be configured to work with five different lenses and Nexus Teleconverter kits.

PRICE: Depends on lens used
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more Multiport Info
This new port system will work with five lenses using the same Multi Port Extension body, either the ME-4 for the F4 Pro housing or the ME-5 for the F-100, D-100, and D-70 housings. Different front ports and extensions and lens gear sets are available to use with the Multi Port body for each lens. The photo shows a Nexus F4 Pro housing configured for the 200mm AF Micro Nikkor or the 70~180 AF Micro Nikkor Zoom lens (the external parts are the same, only the gear set for each lens is different).

The lenses usable with the Nexus Multi Port System are the 60mm AF Micro Nikkor, 105mm AF Micro Nikkor, 200mm AF Micro Nikkor, 70~180 AF Micro Nikkor Zoom, and the Sigma 180 AF Macro.


Nexus Push-on Closeup Diopters

Product: Nexus Push-on Closeup Diopters

Specifications: Nexus Push-on Closeup Diopters "Woody's Diopters" allow the photographer greater magnification than with the camera lens alone

PRICE: Prices have recently increased on all diopters - $99.95ea

for 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm port front outer diameter sizes

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The Nexus push-on closeup diopters give an additional 20% image size increase when placed over the port front. While underwater the diopter lens is easily pushed on over the port front or removed to allow return to the lens alone.
#NCL-90 fits the Nexus 105mm Macro ports
#NCL-100 fits the Nexus 60mm Macro Ports, Ikelite Macro Ports, and RS 50mm lens.
#NCL-110 fits the older Nexus 60 Macro Port MP-60-2, Subal Macro Flat Ports, and the Subeye camera
The Nexus diopters also come with a lanyard.


Nexus Port Ring and Focus Light Holder

Product: Port Ring and Focus Light Holder

Specifications: The Nexus Port Ring is the perfect way to mount dive and focus lights to a Nexus housing.

PRICE: Port Rings priced from $136.00 - $177 (depending upon size), and Focus Light Holder $51.00
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The Nexus Port Ring and Focus Light Holder is available in sizes to fit the different Nexus Macro and Multi Ports and they are priced from $136.00 to $177.00, depending upon the diameter needed to fit a specific port. The Focus Light Holder, #AE-FLU - $51.00, attaches the Sea Lite SL-3404 light or the Toshiba K0243 light to the port ring's vertical stay. The Port Ring comes with an extra, adjustable or removable, vertical stay for attaching another accessory, such as a small strobe, if desired.

Using the Ultra Light Port Ring Adapter - $24.95, an Ultra Light Clamp Set - $29.95, and an Ultra Light Focus Light Holder - $32.95 many different lights can be mounted to the Nexus Port Rings. The Fantasea 44 LED dive Light - $75.00 - bolts directly onto the Nexus Port Ring Vertical Stay with the included knob and wingnut.


The super absorbent Trident Camera and Body Towel is a generous 26" x 17". It is plenty large enough to dry camera housings and underwater cameras, divers hands and faces, and even divers' entire bodies. It can even be cut in half to make two towels the size of most competing body towels.
The Trident synthetic chamois Camera and Body Towel comes in easy-to-find yellow color.
It absorbs much better than a cotton towel and leaves no lint. Moisten before use in fresh water, wring out excess water, and then the Body and Camera Towel is ready to use. It is super soft material, machine washable, and long lasting.



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