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Nexus Housings and Accessories
Common Aperture Gears
Common Focus Gears
Sigma Lens Gear Reference
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Housing Bodies and Accessories
Part No. Description
N4-P Nexus F4 Pro Housing Body
NF-80D Nexus F80 Housing Body for Nikon N-80, Full Featured
NM-9D Nexus Master N90s Housing Body, Full-Featured
ND-100 Nexus D-100 Housing Body, full-Featured
NF-100D Nexus F-100 Housing Body, Full-Featured
NM-OP-A1 Conversion Kit for 8008s (for Master Housing only)
CC-3 Command Cap for N801/8008/8008s
CC-5 Command Cap For Nikon N90/N90s camera body
PUK-3 Pick-up Kit Master/801 Replacement
PUK-5 Pick-up Kit N90 Replacement
PUR-C Pick-up Lens for NikonN90/N90s body (Screw-in Eyepiece Lens)
PUR-C8 Pick-up Lens for Nikon N80 body (Clip-in Eyepiece lens)
PUR-C10 Pick-up Lens for Nikon D-100 body (Clip-in Eyepiece lens)
ORS-2 O-Ring Set for F4 (1 ea Body and Port)
ORS-3 O-Ring Set for 801, N90, Master (1-Body and 2-Port)
ORS-4 O-Ring Set F4 Pro (1- Body and 2-Port)
ORS-7 O-Ring Set F-100/D-100
ORS-8 O-Ring Set N80
ORG O-Ring Grease
R-F Focus/Zoom Knob, Rubber
R-A Aperture Knob, Rubber
S-C Sync Cap (for TTL- Socket and Body Cap)

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Aperture Gears
Aperture Gears for Nikon Lenses
Part No. Description
AG-N3 Aperture Gear for AF and MF(AI, AIs) Nikon Lenses
Aperture Gears for Sigma Lenses
Part No. Description
AG-NS1 Aperture Gear for Sigma 1 - Sigma 14mm f3.5
AG-NS2 Aperture Gear for Sigma 2
AG-NS3 Aperture Gear for sigma 3
AG-NS4 Aperture Gear for Sigma 4
AG-NS5 Aperture Gear for Sigma 5
  *see table below for lens/gear selection

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Manual Focus Gears for Nikon AF Lenses for F4 Pro and Master

(same gears fit both housings)

Part No. Description
  Focus Gears for Nikon AF Zoom Lenses
FGP-N24/50D Focus Gear AF Zoom 24-50 f 3.3-4.5 D
FGP-N28/70PF3545 Focus Gear AF Zoom 28-70 f 3.3-4.5
FGP-N28/105 Focus Gear AF Zoom 28-105 f 3.3-4.5
FG-N35/70 Focus Gear AF Zoom 35-70 f 3.3-4.5
FGP-N70/180 Focus Gear AF Zoom 70-180 Micro Nikkor
  Focus Gears for Nikon AF Lenses
FG-NAF10.5F28G Focus Gear for AF10.5mm Fisheye f2.8 for Digital SLR
FG-MP105MF Focus Gear MP105MF for AF105 f2.8Micro in MP-105MF and MLP-105MF Port
FG-MP200MF Focus Gear for AF200Micro f4 D lens in MP-200MF Macro Port
FG-NAF16F28 Focus Gear AF Fisheye 16mm f 2.8D
FG-NAF18F28 Focus Gear AF 18mm f 2.8D
FG-NAF20F28 Focus Gear AF 20mm f 2.8S&D
FG-NAF 24F28 Focus Gear AF 24mm f 2.8S and AF 28mm f 2.8S
FG-NAF28F14 Focus Gear AF 28mm f 1.4D
FG-NAF28F28 Focus Gear AF 28mm f 2.8D and AF 24mm f 2.8D
FG-NAF35F2 Focus Gear AF 35mm f 2.0S
FG-NAF35F2D Focus Gear AF 35mm f 2.0 D
FG-NAFM60F28 Focus Gear AF 60mm Micro f 2.8S&D
FG-NAFM105F28 Focus Gear AF 105mm Micro f 2.8S&D
FGP-N70/180 Focus Gear AF 70/180 Micro Nikkor lens
FGP-200MF Focus Gear AF 200 Micro Nikkor lens
  Focus Gears for Manual Focus Nikon Lenses
Part No. Description
FG-Nai16F28 Focus Gear for Ai 16mm Fisheye f 2.8
FG-Nai15F35 Focus Gear for Ai 15mm f 3.5
FG-Nai18F35 Focus Gear for Ai 18mm f 2.8
FG-Nai20F28 Focus Gear for Ai 20mm f 2.8
FG-Nai24F28 Focus Gear for Ai 24mm f 2.8
FG-Nai28F28 Focus Gear for Ai 28mm f 2.8
FG-NaiM55F28 Focus Gear for Ai 55 Micro f 2.8
FG-NaiM105F28 Focus Gear for Ai 105 Micro f 2.8
FG-NaiM200F4 Focus Gear for Ai 200 Micro f 4.0
  Focus Gears for Sigma Lenses
Part No. Description
FGB-SAFM50EX Focus Gear for Sigma AF Macro 50 EX
FGB-SAFM105EX Focus Gear for Sigma AF Macro 105 EX
FG-SAF14F35 Focus Gear for Sigma AF14mm f 3.5 ZEN
FG-SAFF15F28D Focus Gear for Sigma NF15 Lens and Port
FG-SAF18F35 Focus Gear for Sigma AF18mm f 3.5 ZEN
FG-SAF24F28 Focus Gear for Sigma AF24mm f 2.8 ZEN
FG-SAF28F18 Focus Gear for Sigma AF28mm f 1.8 ZEN
FG-SAFM50F28 Focus Gear for Sigma AF Macro 50mm f 2.8 ZEN
FG-SAFM90F28 Focus Gear for Sigma AF Macro 90mm f 2.8 ZEN
FG-SAFM180F56 Focus Gear for Sigma AF Macro 180mm f 5.6 ZEN
Zoom Gears
Part No. Description
  Zoom Gears for Nikon AF Zoom Lenses
ZGN-AF12/24 Zoom Gear for AF-S Zoom 12-24 DXG ED f2.8
HG-760 Zoom Gear for AF-S Zoom 17-35 f 2.8D
ZGN-AF18/70 Zoom Gear for AF Zoom 18-70 Nikkor
HG-705 Zoom Gear for AF 18-35 f3.5-4.5 Zoom
HG-725 Zoom Gear for AF Zoom 20-35mm f 2.8D
HG-710 Zoom Gear for AF Zoom 24-50mm f 3.3-4.5S
HG-680 Zoom Gear for AF Zoom 24-50mm f 3.3-4.5 D
HG-680 Zoom Gear for AF Zoom 28-70mm f 3.3-4.5D
HG-655 Zoom Gear for AF Zoom 28-105 f3.5-5.6 D
  Zoom Gears for Sigma
HG-705 Zoom Gear for Sigma AF 28-80 Macro Zoom f3.5-5.6 Aspheric
ZG-S18/35 Zoom Gear for Sigma AF 18-35mm f 3.5-4.5 ZEN
  AF 21-35mm f 3.5-4.2 ZEN
  AF 24-70mm f 3.5-5.6 ZEN
  AF 28-70mm f3.5-4.5
  AF 28-105mm f 4-5.6
ZG-S35/80 Zoom Gear for Sigma AF 35-80mm f 4-5.6 ZEN
  Focus Mode Gear
FMG-60MF Focus Mode Gear for 60mm AF Micro Nikkor lens
FMG-MP105MF Focus Mode Gear for 105AF Micro Nikkor lens
FMG-70/180 Focus Mode Gear AF 70/180 MICRO Nikkor Lens
MGP-5-4 Focus Mode Gear AF 200 Micro Nikkor lens

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Sigma Aperture Gear Reference Table
Fisheye 8mm f4 ZEN     o    
AF 14mm f3.5 ZEN o        
AF 18mm f3.5 ZEN   o      
AF 24mm f2.8 ZEN o        
AF 28mm f1.8 II ZEN       o  
AF 18~35mm f3.5-4.5 ZEN   o      
AF 21~35mm f3.5-4.2 ZEN o        
AF 24~70mm f3.5-5.6 ZEN   o      
AF 28~70mm f2.8-4 ZEN   o      
AF 28~80mm F3.5-5.6 ASP MacroZoom   o      
AF 28~105mm f4-5.6 UCZEN   o      
AF 35~80mm f4-5.6 ZEN   o      
AF Macro 50mm f2.8 ZEN o        
AF Macro 90mm f2.8 ZEN o        
AF Macro 180mm f5.6 ZEN         o

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