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Ikelite Strobes

Nexus America stocks Ikelite strobes as well as the items below.

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A Nexus America - Ikelite Special

Ikelite Delrin Connector TTL Substrobe Cord. IKELITE Delrin sync cord connector

A MUST for Ikelite Strobes with Nexus Housings.
Ikelite TTL strobe cords with a new Delrin Nikonos screw connector. This tough, new Delrin plastic connector eliminates the electrolysis and corrosion problems associated with Nexus strobe sockets and Ikelite all-metal Nikonos cord connectors. These work beautifully with all Nikonos-type strobe sockets on other housings and Nikonos cameras. These new connectors are available with either Ikelite single TTL or double TTL cords. Both have Nikonos style connectors.

#IC-SD - Single TTL Substrobe cord with Delrin - Call or email for best price.
#IC-DD - Double TTL Substrobe cord with Delrin - Call or email for best price.

Ikelite Smart Charger for Substrobe Battery Modules

No more voltage converters! No more fried "dumb" chargers from forgetting to set a switch! This variable input charger automatically adjusts for the voltage of the power source, ranging from 100V to 250V. It works brilliantly! Comes with a set of interchangeable AC plugs for different outlet styles.

#4066.1 - Smart Charger with AC Plug SetCall or email for best price.


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